Location of DB0HDF

DB0HDF is located on top of a ten-story apartment building in Hermsdorf, Germany. The building overlooks most of the surrounding urban structures and offers excellent visibility towards all directions. The station is situated within the northern periphery of Hermsdorf, close to exit 23 (Bad Klosterlausnitz) of highway A9 in north-southern direction.

Panoramic view from DB0HDF

Panoramic view from DB0HDF taken 18.04.2022. VHF & UHF antennas as well as the 10 GHz beacon are visible.

Its vicinity to a major highway intersection (Hermsdorfer Kreuz) connecting A9 and A4 provides opportunities for position reporting as well as voice communication links with good coverage along these routes. The excellent visibility and low horizon elevation in all directions further enables operation of radio propagation beacons. The location is shared with commercial cellular network providers.

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